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Completely in-House Caliber "MP1"

Completely in-House Caliber "MP1"

Let's make our own movement from scratch.

We started working on this long-time dream around 2013, but it wasn't until the spring of 2024 that it finally came to fruition after numerous twists and turns. The immense amount of time it took was due to our insistence on limiting the use of existing components to materials such as rubies and mainspring, hairspring while obsessing over crafting everything else from scratch.

Whether Swiss-made or domestically produced, using a base movement or parts is not inherently problematic. In fact, most watches in the world are made that way, and this is true even with most watches made by so-called independent watchmakers. Repurposing base movements is acknowledged as a "more realistic approach."

However, driven by my own stubbornness, I simply couldn't resist the urge to create a truly original movement.

The defining feature of "MP1" is its longevity. How can we make something that won't deteriorate after a few decades? What design ensures it remains unfazed even after a century? Repairing antique movements for over 30 years sometimes brought significant challenges but also taught me a great deal.

Combining precision engineering with longevity and the artisanal beauty unique to hand finishing. Without these qualities, it would just be another disposable industrial product.

Utilizing all the knowledge acquired, we've crafted the heart of a timepiece that will be cherished from the present into the future indefinitely, and that's what MP1 represents.

Diameter: Approximately 30mm
Thickness: Approximately 5mm
In-house designed 19-jewel nickel movement
Manual wind
Barrel with stop-work (approximately 30 hours power reserve)
Gold train
K18 masselotte(×3) and brass timing screws (×6) on beryllium copper balance wheel
Overcoiled alloy hairspring

We have released our original watches, "Nagi" and "Sohkoku." (Total of 10 pieces all together ).

Orders will be taken through a lottery system, and the deadline for applications is May 31st (16:00 JST).

The results of the lottery will be notified individually.

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